Part of the Share a Coke campaign was a website that allowed people to customize a virtual Coke bottle and share it with a friend or find pre-labeled Coca-Cola products in stores. The reception was so positive that the campaign was later expanded to allow people to customize and order bottles through the website.

initial concepts

I participated in initial concepts for the look and feel of the website with other designers and art directors. I roughed out several visual and interaction design options that helped influence the final direction. Once the final style was chosen, I consulted on the design to ensure that the intended user experience was still clear. 


There were several service integrations that needed to be included in the first version of the website including a coupon redemption system. I worked with our internal development team and Coke’s IT team to determine requirements and translated them into documentation that both dev and design teams could reference. In this documentation, I created wireframes and basic flows with annotations that detailed animations, transitions, error states, and conditions.

Campaign Results

From the launch of the campaign in June 2014, by the end of July 2014, there were over 241,000 mentions of the program on social media

#ShareaCoke had been used over 40,000 times on Twitter and over 281,000 times on Instagram.

The website received over 3.8 million visits and created over 1.7 million virtual Coke bottles. Overall, the campaign was very well received, and it created a large spike in Coca Cola’s sales.

Programs Used

Indesign (for documentation)