ARCHIE for TurboTax

Archie is an app that serves as your pocket tax expert. He specializes in knowledge about the sharing economy and freelance income, he intelligently matches and categorizes your receipts, and he automates your tax prep so you don’t feel swamped at the end of the year.

We wanted to help people think about their taxes year round so they aren’t blind-sided come April 15th. Archie pays attention to your spending habits, locations visited, and other pertinent banking data to help you track expenses, save receipts, and find business deductions.

User experience

Most of the interactions a user has with Archie happen in a clean and simple chat interface. The conversations are casual and free flowing. You can ask Archie about detailed pieces of tax law and send him a receipt for an expense in the same thread.

For more detailed information on their current tax preparation, there’s a section of the app where the user can view a snapshot of their approximate return and Archie’s confidence in that amount. There are also collections of questions that the user can answer to increase Archie’s confidence and/or change the amount due.

The design

I worked with several other designers to develop the look and feel for Archie’s clean, organized and friendly persona. We did type studies, examined color palettes, and motion studies throughout the course of the project.

Programs Used